About Silvretta Montafon

The ski resort of Silvretta Montafon is located in the state Vorarlberg and consists of 4 separate smaller resorts or mountains. Each of the smaller resorts have their own character. Silvretta Montafon ski resort is not all connected by ski lift but offers a ski pass for all 4 separate smaller resorts. What you will want to take a look at is the fact that the slopes in the Montafon region aren’t as long as some in other ski resorts so if you love long runs making many miles you might have to consider another resort.

The 4 resorts:

Silvretta Monatfon: this is the largest ski resort of the 4. Here you can find the Hochjoch slope which is the longest run of Vorarlberg with a passage through the longest ski tunnel in the world.

Golm: the glom resort profiles itself as the most family friendly resort of the 4.

Kristberg: in this mini part you will find only 3 lifts and very few slopes but you will be able to enjoy an amazing view and it’s the most peaceful and quiet resort of all

Gargellen: here you will find the most snow where you will find some amazing off-piste opportunities.

Silvretta Montafon is characterized by a lot of small and authentic villages that are especially well suited for families.

Strengths and weaknesses of Silvretta Montafon


Suitable for beginners: Silvretta Montafon offers a variety on blue beginners slopes.

Fantastic off-piste: due to the high location of the resort a lot of snow comes drops down on the mountains every year, perfect if you want to enjoy the snow off-piste.

Montafon is an excellent resort for snowboarders. Only around the grasjoch you will sometimes have to take off your board.

The weak points:

During the weekends it can get busy with locals and Germans that come over to the resort for the weekend.

Apresski is not Vorarlberg’s strongest point so if you are looking for a real party make sure to check out Ischgl

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