About Dorfgastein Grossarl

The Dorfastein-Grossarltal ski resort is located in the state of Salzburg and offers a medium sized ski resort which is especially suited to families.

Dorfgastein-Grossarltal is built around the two villages which make up the name, Dorfgastein and Grossarl the two villages offer a small scale and authentic atmosphere perfect for your family winter holiday. The two villages each are connected to each other by ski lifts. Dorf Gastein offers some relaxing thermal baths and Grossarl is a perfect quiet village at the end of a dead-end valley.

If you want to make large skiing tours this ski resort is not for you. but if you are an advanced skier/ snowboarder and you are getting a bit bored you can take a car of ski bus and drive to the bad Hofgastein / Badgastein ski resort which offers over 150km of slopes where you can really enjoy and making the tours you were looking for.

Strengths and weak points


No flats, Dorf Gastein – Grossarl is perfect for snowboarders who hate to have to take of there snowboard on flat paths because in this ski resort you will find none of that and can enjoy it 100%

Food, food on the slopes is provided by small scale authentic Austrian ski huts and you will always  find something you will like here.

Child friendly, Dorf Gastein – Grossarl ski resort offers all facilities that you will ever need for the children who visit.  Combined with the smaller scale of the resort it is a perfect place for families.

Quiet, you will rarely find waiting times in this resort which is a big plus.

Weak points:

Flats, Rauris has a long path that connects the 2 areas with each other this path is fairly flat and snowboarders will have to take of there boards sometimes here.

Touring, if you like to make 50-90km long tours a day you will not be happy in Rauris, make sure to pick one of the larger Austrian ski resorts if this is what you are looking for.

Busy, during the Austrian and German winter holidays you will sometimes have to wait at the ski lifts.

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