About Upper Austria

Upper-Austria is located in the north of Austria and is located between Germany and the Czech republic in the north. Lower Austria in the east, Styria in the south and Salzburg and Germany in the west. The state is split into 4 districts with the names, Mühlviertel, Hausruckviertel, Innviertel and Traunviertel. These regions separate the geography in the state and have no further political function in the modern day. The 3 largest cities / towns in upper Austria are Linz the capital city, Wels and Steyr the region in between these towns also including Eferding and Enns is called the fifth quarter and is the central region of upper Austria.

In the north upper-Austria along the border with the Czech republic lies the bohemian massif one of the oldest landscapes of Austria the landscapes consist mostly off hills. South of the bohemian massif lies the Danube valley where most upper Austrians live. To the south of the Danube river valley lie the upper Austrian alps. The mountains are rich with fossils particularly in the Dachstein mountains, and around Hallstatt. Hallstatt is one of the most famous places in Austria and every year 1000s of tourists from all over the world visit this town and lake.

The south of upper Austria has due to its location the most rainfall in Austria. the north of upper Austria is influenced by the Atlantic not being protected by the alps.

Upper Austria houses a rich diversity of flora due to the altitude differences in the region of more than 7000 foot. For the preservation of the rich flora and fauna in the region upper Austria has more than 150 nature reserves with the most notable being the Salzkammergut.

In the state of Upper Austria you can find impressive castles and monasteries. Such as St.florians priory, Kremsmünster, clam castle and castle Schaun.

Must see sights

Towns To Visit

Linz, within the largest city of upper Austria with a population of 200.000 you can enjoy the museums and take a visit to see the haupt platz.

Wels, take a few hours with to walk in the towns center where you can take a bite to eat or do some holiday shopping.

Styer, visit the old town center and enjoy the Austrian culture, visit local churches and the lamberg palace. Don’t forget to take a visit at the between bridges or zwischenbrucken in german.

Gmunden, located next to lake traun this town Is a perfect place to stay during a part of your holiday to upper Austria.

Hallstatt, this famous town located next to lake Hallstatt is a must see. located in the beautiful holiday region of salzkammergut this town will stay in your memory for a long time.

Lakes to visit 

There are a lot of amazing lakes to visit in upper Austria here are some must sees

Lake Hallstatt, as mentioned above this is the place to be in upper Austria

Lake Atter, one of the largest lakes in Austria a perfect destination for a summer holiday

Mondsee, one more impressive lake in the salzkammergut, take a boat and enjoy the weather on the lake.

Traunsee, as mentioned above located next to the town of gmunden you can enjoy the nature around the lake and relax while enjoying watersports.

Langbath lakes, located in a nature reserve enjoy hiking in the area of the lake and take in the amazing mountains.

Gossau lakes, one of the most impressive views you will ever find walking around these lakes. Take a view hours and visit with blue skys. This region and these lakes will have you impressed.

Lake Hallstatt

Lake attersee

Lake Langbathsee

Lake Mondsee

Lake Gossausee

ski resorts to visit

Upper Austria is not the state for the perfect winter sport holiday and is more a region for the summer but nevertheless you can still find some great ski resorts for a fun few days.

Dachstein west gossau, with 55 km of slopes a nice medium sized ski resort located in the south west of upper Austria.

Hinterstoder, with 40km of slopes and located in the south of upper Austria. you can enjoy a view nice days of skiing in this region.

Wurzeralm, with just 22 km of slopes this is a smaller ski resort. Perfect for a weekend of skiing also located in the south of upper Austria.

Dachstein west


Other sights to visit

Some notable waterfalls in upper Austria are. Traunfall, Nixenfall and Stromboding waterfall

Kremsmunster abbey, this abbey has beaufitul argetecture and history to it and is definitely worth a visit.

Saltmine Hallstatt, the still operational saltmine in Hallstatt is a trip you have to make when you are in this part of upper Austria even with bad weather this is a perfect sight to see.

Kremsmunster abbey

Stromboding waterfall