About Salzkammergut

The Salzkammergut area of Austria is a cultural area in Austria on the norther edge of the alps. Today the Salzkammergut stretches from Fuschlsee to Almtal, from Vöckla  to the Dachstein. And have created the tourism region that is best known outside of Austria. the tourism region is characterized by the Traun river system with a total of 76 lakes, the mountains such as the Dachstein. Due to the location Salzkammergut is divided in to 3 geographical landscape types. The alpine foothills in the north, the low mountains of the flyschzone and the northern limestone alps.

The Region is split over 3 Austrian states, upper Austria that owns over 70%, Styria about 15%  and Salzburg with over 10% ever since 2002 the region has been marketed as 1 holiday region even though it stretches over 3 Austrian states.

The economy is mainly influenced by tourism and is highly experienced in this field with over 100 years of summer holidays. The region is one of the best developed tourist areas in Austria. with mostly lake and mountain tourism including the local spas.

The region is known for its scenic charm and traditional customs and  traditions that are only practiced there. Sometimes they call Salzkammergut the 10th state of Austria.

What To Visit in The Salzkammergut 

Lake Hallstatt

Lake attersee

Lake Langbathsee

Lake Mondsee

Lake Gossausee

Dachstein west

Dachstein Airwalk

Lake Wolfgangsee

Lake Traunsee

Lake Irrsee

Lake Altausee

Lake Almsee

Lake Fuschlsee

Lake Grundlsee

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