Welcome To the EZWA Travel holiday assembly

Our industry exclusive holiday assembly offers a perfect fitting holiday to Austria for everyone!

The Personal Holiday Assembly

How we get to work

Step 1:

Fill out our 15 question form ( free and no obligations )

Step 2: 

We will get to work and make a basic fitting holiday and send you back our 2 offers. One offerincludes booking of all the activities and accommodations restaurants and so on. And one offer where without these being booked and only the service of putting together your travel schedule day by day . both have 1 revisions possible and both have weather proof backup options build in to the schedule. Within 48 hours.

Step 3:

choose one of our offers or decide to not book with us.

Step 4:

once you decided to book our service we will contact you after payment and provide you with
a larger more tailor made question form to create the best fitting holiday possible for everybody that
travels with you.

 Step 5:

we provide you with our offer where you can ask for changes of the schedule or a activity.

Step 6:

your holiday is booked or planned out and you can enjoy the whole experience from there.