Welcome To the EZWA Travel Austria guide

Our austria travel guide service offers holidays to austria like no other. we provid a uniqe tailor made holiday experience

The Austria Travel Guide

This service is for you if the following questions you can answer with yes.

Are you looking for a perfect everything taken care off holiday?

Tailor made to your needs and interests?

A personal guide to show you everything?

With the Austria travel guide service  we offer a industry exclusive tailor made holiday
experience for you yourfriends or family.
Get to experience traveling on a whole new level


Prices start at 6000 USD 

How we go to work

Step 1:

fill out our 15 question form ( free and no obligations )

Step 2:

we will put together a basic fitting holiday for you with a price indication. Within 48 hours.

Step 3:

you can decide to book with us or maybe you would prefer one of our other services.

Step 4:

In case you booked there will be a introduction call with your guide. After this call you can decide to not go trough with your booking and we will refund your money – our directly made service costs for the booking.

Step 5:

if the guide call went according to your expectations you will receive a larger question form where we can create the best fitting holiday possible.

Step 6:

in a call with your guide the planned holiday will be spoken trough from a to z and in case you would like to change something these changes will be made and send to you to approved.

Step 7:

once approved we will get to work and book and plan your whole holiday and you can relax
and enjoy.

Step 8:

call before the holiday with your travel guide to speak trough the last points.

Step 9:

the holiday

Step 10:

a after holiday call with your guide as a review and a to be sure everything was according to wish.

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