About Salzburg

The state of Salzburg formerly joined Austria fairly late in to history before this it was its own dutchy. Salzburg state is located in the center north of Austria. it borders Germany in the north west, Tyrol in the west and south west. A small border with Italy in the south west. Carinthia in the south and Styria and upper-Austria in the east. The  largest city in Salzburg state is the equally named Salzburg where a lot of the cultural and historical importance is located. Other towns are Hallein, Saalfelden, Sankt johan im pongnau and Zell am see.

The geography of Salzburg consists mostly of mountain areas and valleys just like in the state of Tyrol. The highest point in Salzburg state is the Grossvenediger with a Hight of 3662 meters above sea level.

The landscape of Salzburg is divided into five regions. Flachgau in the north. In this area the called Voralpenland is the start of the alps where the mountains begin to jump up out of the ground. This can be seen if you drive from Germany to Salzburg state. Where you go from hills to mountains rapidly.

The second region is called Tennengau and is the region to the direct south of Flachau.

Further to the south you will find the other 3 regions, Pinzgau, Pongau and Lungau. These 3 regions each have a part of the Hohe tauern mountain range and the niedere tauern mountains. The mountains are the dominate force in this part of Salzburg state.

Just like in Tyrol tourism plays a vital role in the economy of Salzburg state. After Tyrol Salzburg state houses the highest numbers of tourists every year. With about 25 million overnight stays annually. The economy of Salzburg state is closely connected to the German Bavaria due to its geographical location. If you want to visit Tyrol the fastest way is to drive through Germany as an example.

Must see sights

Salzburg and Zell am see

Salzburg, Salzburg is the place of culture come and visit the hohe Salzburg castle, the Mozart birth house, take a carriage ride through the inner city or enjoy a Christmas market during the winter.

Zell am see, zell is a nice little town located next to the Zellersee which is a perfect place to stay during the summer or winter months. In the summer months you can enjoy the water and the mountains. Go mountain biking or hiking in the region. And in the winter you can enjoy a nice ski holiday with lots of ski resorts right around the corner. On the glacier in the near town of Kaprun you can ski until the summer months.

Lakes to visit 

Zeller lake, not much to add to the Zell am see introduction come and visit this lake you will not regret it.

Wallersee, this lake is the largest lake in the lake district of Salzburg state.

Fuslsee, this lake of about 1 square mile offers beautiful colored water and surrounding scenery.

Hintersee, offers a place to take a walk around and enjoy nature in all seasons

Stausee at Kaprun, these lakes are created by dams and combined with the high mountains visit this wonderful sight when the sun is shining.

Lake Zeller

Lake Wallersee

Lake Fuslsee

Stausee Kaprun

Ski resorts to visit

Just like in Tyrol there as many great ski resorts in the state of Salzburg not having to name all of them we lined out a few nice ski resorts.

Saalbach Hinterglem Leogang Fieberbrunn, the largest ski resort in Salzburger land with 270km of slopes  a small part located in Tyrol( fieberbrunn ) and offers a wide verity of slopes for every skier or snowboarder. The different towns each have their own character with Saalbach being the bustiest with Après-ski and Leogang and Fieberbrunn being more family friendly.

Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun, the ski resort with the Kaprun glacier. Offers 41km of slopes  and is home to  the top of Salzburg. this ski resort is perfect off season because skiing starts early and end in summer on the glacier

Bad Gastein/Badhof Gastein, this ski resort lies within the great Gastein valley where you can find spas and a nice 86km of slopes

Obertauern, Obertauern is located in a so called schneeloch this means there falls more snow in this area then in the surrounding ski resorts. And the resorts offers a nice 100km of slopes.

Wagrain, together with the other towns connecting this ski resort Wagrain offers a nice 115km of slopes with diverse runs for every level of skier.

Smittehohe, with 77km of slopes this ski resort next to the town of Zell am see and the Zellersee is perfect for your winter holiday.

Hochkönig, with 112km of slopes this ski resort is the last one pointed out here. With no slopes above the 2000 meters this resort has to rely on snow canons for a secure winter. ( most others do as well ) but don’t worry, just like the other ski resorts on this list almost all of the 112km can be blasted with snow from the canons for perfect skiing conditions.

Saalbach Hinterglemm

Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun




Other sights to visit

Castle Hohewerfen, this castle is found in the center of the state of Salzburg. Close to the main highway running from Salzburg city to Carinthia. The mediaeval castle and its location is an impressive sight to see.

Eisriesenwelt, not far from the Hohewerfen castle, high up in the mountains you can find this amazing cave. The largest ice cave in the world. Only available in spring and summer take a tour through the cave. This one is not for claustrophobic people since the cave is cold and apart from the candle light you carry with you it is dark.

Liechtenstein gorge, one of the most beautiful canyon walks of not only Salzburg but Austria. you can experience the power of nature when taking a walk through the canyon also only assessable  in spring and summer.

Gollinger waterfall, when visiting the state of Salzburg the Gollinger waterfall is one not to miss. One of the most visited waterfalls in Austria.

Sigmund thun klamm, just like the Liechtenstein klamm only slidly less famous the Sigmund thun klamm offers amazing views walking in the canyon.

Hohe Werfen Castle


Liechtenstein Gorge

Golling Waterfall

Sigmund Thun Gorge