About Carinthia

Carinthia or Kärnten in German is the southernmost state of Austria. it is famous for its beautiful lakes such as the Wörhtersee ( lake Worth) , Faakersee( lake Faak) , Ossiachersee( lake Ossiach)  , Millstattersee( lake Millstatt )  and Klopeinersee ( lake Klopein) . Besides the lakes Carinthia is also known for its Mediterranean climate  which is a different climate from all the other states in Austria this climate makes Carinthia and its lakes a perfect summer destination.

The state stretches about 110 miles from east to west and 43 miles from north to south. The total land area of Carinthia is 3682 square miles. Which makes it the 5th  largest state in Austria.  But due to the mountain terrain of Carinthia you can drive for hours if you want to reach some places cut off from the world apart form one road. Most of the larger Carinthian towns and lakes are situated within the Klagenfurt Basin in the southeast covering about one fifth of Carinthia. In the south of Carinthia along the border with Slovenia the state is covered with the Karawanks a beautiful and rigid mountain range. To the east and north the state is covered by mountains with the high tauern mountain range and its highest mountain the Grossglockner with a Hight of 12.457 feet. Carinthia borders Tyrol in the west, Salzburg in the north, Italy and Slovenia in the south and Styria in the east. The largest and most important river in Carinthia is the Drau ( Drava ) river.

The capital city Klagenfurt which is located in the with the same name Klagenfurt basin is the largest city in Carinthia with a pupation close to 100.000. about 20 miles from Klagenfurt lies the second city of Carinthia Villach both cities work together and have strong economic ties.

What to do and see in Carinthia.

The state of Carinthia is one of the most diverse in Austria. the mountains in the south west and north create amazing skiing areas, ice skating on lakes and mountain climbing. In the Klagenfurt basin the summers dominate with tourism on the beautiful lakes where you can enjoy swimming boating relaxing and much more.

Must see sights


First of all within Klagenfurt you can visit places like, The inner-city, the old town with Austrian architecture and the central platz

Second you can visit the Klagenfurter strand bad, the city of Klagenfurt is located next to the lake worth the strand bad offers a nice beach where you can relax and enjoy the water.

another place you can visit in Klagenfurt is Minimundus, here you can see all the famous buildings in the world in a smaller scale.

Finally the city arcade, the shopping center in the inner city perfect if you have a day of bad weather.


These two towns are perfect  for a day of austrian culture with its castles and museums each with their own style and character

Lakes to visit 

Lakes in Carinthia are some of the best places to visit in the spring or summer.

First of all Wörthersee (Lake worth), this lake is located next to the city of Klagenfurt

Millättersee(lake Millstatt) is also a beaufiul lake, here you can drive around it on a rented ebike or enjoy the water itself.

Thrird lake is lake Ossiachersee (lake Ossiach), this lake is located next to the city of villach

Faakersee (lake Faak), every year in the end of august here is the European bikers week with 1000s of motor bikes.  Which is a amazing sight to see.

Klopeinersee(lake Klopein), the warmest lake in Austria with temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius in summer.

Weissensee, the lake for ice skating in the winter.

finally the Keutschachersee (lake Keutschach ) smaller lake but an amazing place to enjoy a nice and relaxing summer holiday together with its other 2 lakes (Hafnersee and Rauschelersee)






Mountain ranges of Carinthia  to visit 

Gurktahler alpen, located in the north of Carinthia

Hohe Tauern, the mountain range with the highest mountain of Austria

The Karawanks, the mountain range in the south of Carinthia

the Flattach and Nockberge

Hohe Tauern

Gurktahler alpen


Nock mountains

ski resorts to visit

Nassfeld, 110 km of slopes located in the south west of Carinthia

Gerlitzen, 42 km of slopes located in the mountains bordering the lake of Ossiach so be ready for amazing views

Bad Kleinkirchheim, 103 km of slopes located in the north of Carinthia

Heiligenblut, not only an amazing town to visit in the summer but also a 55km of slopes in winter located in the Hohe Tauern near to the Grossglockner.

Katschberg, 70 km of slopes located in the north of Carinthia.



Bad Kleinkirchheim



Other sights to visit

Pyramidenkogel, one of Europe’s highest wooden towers. Offers an amazing view over lake worth.

Obir caves, a beautiful cave not to miss while visiting Carinthia

Burg Hochosterwitz, amazing mediaeval castle to visit.

Burg Landskron, a castle that offers special shows to enjoy

Kölnbreinsperre, the largest man made dam in Austria

Velden am Wörthersee, a tourist and high society town bordering lake worth

Tscheppaschlucht, a canyon close to the Slovenian border in the south. An impressive hike with amazing views.


Burg Hochosterwitz


Velden am Wörthersee