About Lake Weissensee

Lake Weissensee is located in Carinthia, the lake is 11.6 km long and has a surface area of about 6.5km2 which makes it the 4th largest lake in Carinthia.  Lake Weissensee is located on 930 meters above sea level which makes it perfect for ice skating during the winter season.

Lake Weissenssee not only offers a great winter destination but also in summer the lake is found by tourists from all over the world. The scenic location of the lake makes it look like an alpine fjord, together with the warm water temperature reaching up to 24 degrees and all the surrounding nature this makes a perfect tourist destination.

A notable ice skating tour is the alternative Dutch 11 city tour, typically this event has over 3000 participants that skate over a distance of 200km.

There is also a small ski resort in the mountains next to the lake where you can spend a nice day or two skiing or snowboarding.

Things to do and see at lake Weissensee:


-Scuba  diving



-Ice skating



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