About Lake Millstattersee

The Millstattersee or Millstatter lake is the second largest lake in Carinthia. The deepest point of the lake is 141 meter and some notable towns on the shore are Seeboden,Millstatt and Döbriach. The lake was created during the ending of the last ice age where the retreating ice form for example the Mölltal glacier that still exists today. The carved out land filled up and created the Millsattersee you can still see the evidence of this on the mountains surrounding the lake.  Lake Millstatter is surrounded by mountains on all sides with the most notable being the Nockbergen that reach about 2000 meter high.

The area around Millstatt lake has been continuously populated for over 4000 years. the oldest prehistoric finds of this part of Carinthia can be found on the Millstatter mountain above the north side of the lake. With the arrival of tourism however and the creation of the modern late 19th century Millstatter road the population increased and now a days Millstatter see is a tourist hotspot. Water Temperatures can reach up to 28 degrees Celsius in the bays of the lake during the summer months. During the winter months the temperature slowly drops but only in extreme cold winters the ice will cover the whole lake.

Tourism is a significant economical factor for the towns and villages around the lake. The first significant summer tourism dates back to the turn of the 19th to 20th century. During world war 1 tourism was halted and tourism started up after the beginning of 1920ts. After world war 2 during the 1960s the post war economic boom created a tourism explosion at lake Millstatt and peaked in the 1980s. overnight stays have been stable since the 1990s and 85% of all stays are during the summer months.

What to do on and around lake millstatt?

Visit Seeboden, the largest town at the lake you can use this town as a base of your holiday or just visit for a day.

Visit Millstatt, just like Seeboden and Döbriach, Millsatt is a great place to stay if you visit lake Millstatt

Visit Döbriach, visit the local Döbriacher market while you are on holiday at lake Millstatt. Here you can find and taste and buy local made specialties.

Make a boat tour across the lake, experience the lake from the water and get a nice tour guide to explain about the lake and the history.

Rent a boat, rent a small boat and cruise over the lake on a nice summer day

Visit public beaches, at lake Millstatt you can visit one of the public beaches and enjoy a day by the lake side.

e-bike renting, ride along the lake side for an active.

visit the Millstattersee Hohesteig, a beautiful panoramic spot to visit. Get an amazing view over the lake and the area.

surfing/sailing lessons, get a sailing or surfing lesson at lake Millstatt with your friends or family

paragliding, paragliding is the sport for in the mountains. Amazing views and a experience you will never forget.

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