About Styria

Styria is  located in the south middle of Austria. Styria borders upper and lower Austria  to the north as well as Salzburg to the west. To the east Styria borders with the state Burgenland and to the south it borders with Slovenia as well as Carinthia. The largest city in Styria is Graz which is the capital as well. Graz is the second largest city in Austria in terms of population and houses a big population of students.

Styria is divided in to 2 main different geographical regions. The largest of this regions is upper Styria.  In this region you can find most of the mountains of the state. And middle Styria where you will find the hills that for example function as wine fields in the sudstyrische weinstrasse.

Styria often gets called the green heart in tourism. This is because over 60% of the surface is covered with forests and another 25% is occupied by pastures orchards and vineyards.

In north Styria the alps dominate the terrain with rugged rocks and alpine mountain plateaus. The highest mountain found in Styria is 2747 meters above sea level.

The largest and most important river in Styria is the river Mur which flows from Salzburg state trough Styria to leave Austria in Slovenia.

Moving on to tourism in Styria.

As the entirety of Austria tourism plays a large role in Styria. In particular the Styrian Salzkammergut region and Schladming Dachstein region are great tourist destinations. As are the wine fields in the south of the state and of course the capital city Graz.

Styria is not only famous for its wine but is also known for pumpkin seed oil.

Must see sights

Graz and Leoben

Graz, in the city of Graz you can have an amazing midweek, go and visit the Schlossberg the grazerkunsthaus , enjoy the inner city and the squares for a nice grab to eat. And lots more to do in and around Graz.

Leoben, is not a place to stay for long. But you can grab something to eat here when you are visiting the brewery of Goesser beer.

Lakes to visit 

Green lake,  green lake is famous for being a ice cold lake that grows in size during the spring and summer in which it eats up a park and creates a special green color.

Erlauf lake, this lake offers a perfect place to cool down on a hot summer day by taking a swim.

Leopold Steinersee, at this lake you can enjoy renting a small boat and cruising the lake surface. Or take a walk around the lake side.

Grundl lake, the largest lake in Styria this lake offers a relaxing summer destination. Where you can enjoy the water and the sports around and on the water itself.

Alttau lake, this lake watches over a scenic mountain cliff where you can not only enjoy the water but also the view you have while being here.

Green lake

Lake Leopold steinersee

Lake Grundl

Lake Altau

ski resorts to visit

Kreischberg, with 42 km of slopes this medium sized ski resort offers everything you want for a short winter sports stay. But if you want to really enjoy a larger ski resort Styria only has to offer 1

Schladming, this ski resort has with 123km of slopes the largest ski resort in Styria. For every skier this is the place to be if you decide to visit Styria during the winter.

Tauplitz, with 43 km of slopes the Tauplitz can be a nice day or weekend of skiing as a change of pace from the Schladming resort. Not a far drive you can enjoy both of these resorts in one holiday.



Other sights to visit

As you may noticed is Styria not the best place for a winter holiday. So what does it offer? A lot let us show you some of the must see in the state.

Erzberg mine, this is the largest mine of Austria and a guided mine tour is a great activity for the day

Riesach waterfall, a nice hike takes you through the forest to this amazing waterfall just make sure to put on your hiking shoes.

The Redbul ring, known for sports such as formula 1 racing and motto gp this is a known track and what do you know it’s located in Styria.

Mariazell basilica, this famous basilica is definitively worth a visit. And let the beautiful architecture sink in.

Silberkarklamm, a nice opportunity to experience the power of nature walking in this canyon. Just make sure to visit in the spring or summer.

Bärenschutzklamm, this canyon walk is about 4 hours so don’t forget to bring water with you. and start early in the day.

Stifft admont, this monastery houses one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Zotter chocolate factory,  chocolate lover? This is the activity for you! visit and witness not only the production of chocolate but taste it as well!


RedBull Ring

Mariazell Basilica 


Stifft Admont