About Heiligenblut

Heiligenblut am Grossglockner is a little town in the state of Carinthia. Heiligenblut is the starting point of the Grossglockner high alpine road and is characterized by the towns church. This is the most photographed church of the alps. Some sights to visit in Heiligenblut are:

The church of st. Vincent, Grossglockner high alpine road and off Course the ski resort of this town.

About the ski resort Heiligenblut:

Heiligenblut is a medium small size ski resort with an authentic feeling. The small town/village offers beautiful scenery for your winter vacation. Heiligenblut offers only a few bars for après-ski which are all centered around the square at the bottom of the gondola. Heiligenblut is very popular with families and it offers a special children’s zone in the village.

Strengths and weak points


Location: the location of Heiligenblut is one of the most scenic in Austria and lifts are directly located at the town center.

Only few cars: because Heiligenblut is the last village of the road during the winter time, only cars from visitors will be in the village and no extra traffic.

Weak points:

Heiligenblut is far away from any airport.

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