About The Grossglockner High Alpine Road

The Grossglockner high alpine road is one of the most famous alpine roads in Austria and the entire alps, the road connects the state of Carinthia and Salzburg and is the highest alpine pass in Austria.

During the winter months the alpine road is closed because of the high amounts of snow that fall on this elevation,  highest snow depth is recorded at 21 meters in 1953.  The closure usually starts by the end of October and opens up early in may the following year. These dates can variety a bit depending on the weather conditions.

Please note that even in the summer the road is only open during the day and is closed at night.

If you visit the Grossglockner high alpine road in the first weeks after opening you will meet a spectacle of high snow walls alongside the road up to 6 meters high.

Around 1 million visitors visit the Grossglockner alpine road annually.

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