About Lake Faakersee

Faaker see or lake Faak is located in the carinthia not far from the city of Villach. With a maximum depth of 29.5 meters and a surface area of 220 hectares it ist he fifth largest lake in Carinthia.

To the north of Faakersee you can find the city of villach and the Drava river. To the south the lake borders the Karawank mountain range. The lake is famous for its blue appearance this is caused by the drainage oft he worounitza river in tot he lake. The river brings fine particels of lime stone that reflect the sunlight in to the blue color of the lake.

Tourism plays a major role for the lake. Due tot he warm waters in the summer months that can reach up to 28 celsius and the beautiful surrounding areas tourists come from all over the world to visit and stay at the lake. A notable event ist he european bike week where 1000s of bikers form all over europe visit the lake and this is a amazing sight to see. But besides the event lake Faak offers many opportunities for leisure activities on and around the lake. Including hiking, cycling, surfing, sailing, boating ( only electric motors) as well as sports such as tennis volleyball and golf.

Things to do and see on and around Lake Faakersee





-Rent a boat



-Visit the finkenstein castle

-Bike week

-Cabrio week


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