About Lake Keutschachersee

Lake Keutschachersee is the 6th largest lake in Carinthia with a surface area of 1.32km2 the lake is home to an old Pfahlbau settlement which has been declared a world heritage site.

Lake Keutschachersee used to be a lot larger in the past, the evidence of this can be found north of the lake where large swamplands can be found. The maximum depth of the lake is 15.6 meters deep and in the middle of the lake a small shoal where the water is only 1.6 meters deep.

The lake warms up in the summer months and regularly reaches temperatures over 25degrees Celsius across the whole lake. In the bays the temperature can rise even further. Perfect for summer tourism.

The Keutschachersee is privately owned and used for bathing, fishing and other watersports.

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