About Eisriesenwelt

The Eisriesenwelt is located in the state Salzburg near the Hohewerfen castle. The Eisriesenwelt is the largest ice cave in the world and has a total length of 42km. the cave was discovered in 1879 by the Salzburg naturalist anton von posselt-czorich. Today, the cave is a popular tourist destination.

The first guided tours in the Eisriesenwelt took place in 1920. Today, a cable car brings up to 2500 visitors a day. Eisriesenwelt houses around 150.000 tourists annually. Visitors will get a carbide lamp for the tour. The guides illuminates the approximately five ice figures meth magnesium light.

Visitors should note that the ascent to the lower cable car station and from the mountain station of the cable car to the cave entrance and the 1400 steps in the cave the trip requires some condition. The tour takes about 75 minutes. Today the giant ice world is usually open to visitors between may 1st and October 26th. In the winter months, the cave entrance due to the high alpine elevation is not accessible. The temperature in the cave is usually below freezing even in the summer months.


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