About Lake Wolfgangsee

Lake Wolfgangsee is  located between the state of Salzburg and the state of upper Austria. with a surface area of 13 km2 it is one of the largest lakes in the Salzkammergut region. The deepest point of the lake is 114 meters and the lake is divided into two lake basins. At this point of the lake it is only 200 meters wide and 20 meters deep.

Located in the Salzkammergut region tourism plays a large part of the economy around the wolfgang lake. Approximal 900.000 overnight stays are booked around the lake anualy, of which 75% is booked during the summer.  Lake Wolfgangsee has a high water quality and offers habitat to some species of fish that only appear in the Salzkammergut lakes and Slovakia. Visibility in the lake is max 10 meter this makes it a perfect scuba diving area. Divers will find a bizarre underwater landscape with sunken trees at the Franzosenschanze. in front of the Fürberg bay you can make challenging dives to the submerged part of the Falkensteinwand, and in front of the navel school in St. Gilgen are artefacts from the second world war.

The Falkensteinwand has been a climbing wall for many years and offers a place for cliff diving. With a jump Hight of up to 28 meters.

Things to do visit and see at Lake Wolfgangsee.





-Scuba diving


Schaffberg bahn

-Zwolferhorn cable car

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