About Lake Constance

Lake Constance or Bodensee in German.  Stands for 2 lakes and a connecting river section of the Rhine river. Namely, Obersee, Seerhein and Untersee. Lake Constance is located in the lake Constance basin, which is part of the northern alpine foothills. Lake Constance is shared by 3 countries. Germany, Switzerland and Austria. lake Constance is the 3th largest lake in central Europe by surface area and the second largest by water volume.

A notable island on the lake and by far the largest island is the Reichenau here you can find the monastery Reichenau which is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The average water temperature during the summer is about 20 Celsius but could become as high as 25 degrees Celsius after a few warm days. Even on the best days due to the size  of the lake and curvature of the earth it is impossible to see the other side of the lake if looking from east to west or west to east.

Water quality of lake Constance is very good. After world war 2 the lake got increasingly polluted after which concrete measures have been taken to protect the water quality.

The tourism sector is an important economic factor in the region of lake Constance so let’s take a look what you can do see and visit in and around the lake.

-Hiking and pilgrim and cycling paths.

-Boating and recreational boating

-Surfing and kitesurfing/boarding

-Scuba diving


-Stilt buildings

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