About Lake Neusiedlersee

Lake Neusiedlersee is located in the state of Burgenland and forms a natural border between Austria and Hungary. Lake Neusiedlersee is the largest endorheic lake in central Europe. The lake is also the largest lake in Austria if you don’t count the small part of lake Constance that borders Austria. lake Neusiedlersee is characterized by its reed belt, its shallow depth and its mild but windy climate. The largest part of the Austrian side of the lake is owned by the esterházy family.

Lake Neusiedlersee is a true steppe lake, the western most of a series of lakes that runs all over the Eurasian continent. It connects directly to the easternmost foothills of the alps and thus lies in the subalpine transition zone of the Pannonian lowlands, the alpine foothills in the east.

Depending on the water level the lake surface area is 320km2 on average and about half of it is covered with reeds. 230km2 of this belongs to Austria. the shallow lake is mainly fed by rainfall and drained by evaporation. As a result the water level is subject to the weather conditions and naturally fluctuates greatly. The maximum water depth is only about 2 meters and fluctuates around 60-80 centimeters annually. Due to the currents and shallow depth of the lake the water quality is not as good as many other lakes in Austria.

Lake Neusiedlersee is the heart of tourism in the state of Burgenland


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