About Zugspitz Arena

The Zugspitze arena is a ski resort in Tyrol near the German border. The large ski resort offers varied slopes for an amazing winter holiday. The only downside is that the ski resort is not fully connected and you will have to take the ski bus or choose a different sub resort each day.

 The resort is made out of 6 different sub resorts

The glacier ski resort on the Zugspitze, the glacier is shared with the German Garmisch-Partenkirchen resort and offer wide treeless slopes and amazing views in all directions.

Grubigstein, due to the location the Grubigstein resort offers the best snow quality of the 6. In the Grubigstein you will find the shortest Gondala in the world that takes children and beginners to the top of the beginners slope.

Other Sub Resorts are Ehrwalder alm, wetterstein, Marien Berg and Berwang. Each offers their own character and pros and cons.

The zugspitz arena is an ideal ski resort for families in every sub resort special children slopes and ski schools are providing fun skiing. only the glacier does not offer these extras.

All villages that are part of the Zugspitze arena offer an authentic Austrian feel and make for an amazing winter sport holiday.

Strengths and weak points


Beginners will really love it in the Zugspitze arena with something new every day and nice blue runs for practicing

Child friendliness as mentioned the Zugspitze arena offers loads of child friendly slopes and special learning areas

Food on slopes, in Zugspitze arena you will be able to enjoy a verity of restaurants and mountain huts on the slopes.

Weak points:

If you are looking to make some ski tours you will be disappointed due to all separate ski resorts you will not be able to enjoy long tours in this resort.

There are some flats whereas snowboarder you will have to get off your board and walk a bit. Especially on the Ehrwalder alm you will find the flats.

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