About The Silvretta Stausee

The Silvretta Stausee or is located in Vorarlberg in the Silvretta region. The lake is located at 2030 meters above sea level. The lake dam forms a border between the state Tyrol and Vorarlberg. The dam has been completed in 1951 and forms a storage for hydro electric energy.

The Silvretta Staussee is a tourist destination for all seasons. During the summer months it can be reached by car using the Silvretta high alpine road.

Visitors can enjoy the amazing view and take a walk around the lake where hiking trails take you around it within about 2 hours.

During the winter the lake is sometimes accessible by skiing and is even used as ski slope itself. Hikes are available as well.

The dam itself is locked in the winter months and the Silvretta alpine road is not accessible as well.

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