About The Hintertux Glacier

The Hintertux glacier is located in the Zillertal in Salzburg and is one of Europe’s largest glacier ski resorts where you can ski for almost 365 days a year. During the winter months it can get quite busy  at this glacier resort especially when snow conditions surrounding ski resorts are under performing.

The Hintertux glacier With a highest point of 3250 meters high, you can have a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks even as far as Italy.

Hintertux is best known as one of the few ski areas open almost all year round. If you are visiting this area of Austria during the summer months it is a unique experience to go summer skiing for a day. Even during the summer there are a surprising amount of slopes open and you will be able to make a almost 600 meters of vertical meters in one decent.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Hintertux glacier


No flats: as  a snowboarder you will be right at home at the Hintertux glacier.

Suitable for advanced skiers: the glacier offers many red slopes and ski routes. The runs are long and some runs are so wide that you can carve like the professionals.

Snow security: the Hintertux glacier offers the best snow security you will find in Austria.

The weak points:

Not the best for beginners: the Hintertux glacier has a few bleu runs but it is not the most suitable ski resort for beginning skiers/ snowboarders

Limited off-piste: off-piste and glaciers are not a good combo so keep that in mind

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